The Tragedy at Harper’s Ferry

October 28, 1859

A long article begins with praise for John Brown:  “.. all who know him personally are united in the conviction that a more honest, conscientious, truthful, brave, disinterested man, (however misguided or unfortunate,) does not exist…..Is there another man, of all thirty millions of people inhabitants of this country, who could have answered  more wisely, m0re impressively, more courageously, or with greater moral dignity, under such a trying ordeal? ….It will be a terribly losing day for all Slavedom when John Brown and his associates are brought to the gallows.  It will be sowing seed broadcast for a harvest of rebellion….”

The editor comments:  “…we spoke of Harper’s Ferry as a well-meant effort, adding -‘Our views of war and bloodshed, even in the best of causes, are too well known to need repeating here; BUT  LET  NO  ONE  WHO  GLORIES  IN  THE  REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE  OF  1776  DENY  THE  RIGHT  OF  THE  SLAVES  TO  IMITATE THE EXAMPLE  OF  OUR FATHERS.’

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