The War with the Seminoles is dishonorable !

Startling Facts ! 

The last  three years’ War with England, the most powerful nation in the world, cost the United States about $90,000,000.

The three years’ War in Florida, with a remnant tribe of Seminole Indians and a few runaway Negroes, has  cost uf $40,000,000, or nearly half the whole expense of our War with England!

In the war with England, our Navy and Army, after covering themselves with glory, achieved an honorable Peace.

The War again the miserable Indians and Negroes, was wickedly commenced, has been ingloriously conducted, and threatens to be interminable!

There is not, in the history of Wars, among civilized nations, a parallel for the wantonness, imbecility and corruption which distinguishes this dishonorable, infamour crusade.    Albany Eve. Journal

                                                                                            (Liberator, Nov. 22, 1839, pg 4)