British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society formed in London

British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society

We have received the following interesting Circular from England.  Our friends across the Atlantic may rely upon it, that the abolitionists of North America will be well represented in the World’s Convention in June next.        To William Lloyd Garrison, Corresponding Secretary of the State Anti-Slavery Society, Massachusetts

Offices, 27 New Broad street, London, 31st  July, 1839

More than half a century has elapsed since the horrors, the cruelty, and crime of the African slave trade awakened the sympathies of Britons…(A column tells of the opposition and hardships encountered , and the need for international cooperation.)………………………These considerations induced the friends of justice and humanity again to assemble — Deputies met from various parts of Great Britain, and a society was formed in London in the spring of the present year, (1839) under the name of ‘British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society’…………The Society has concluded to hold a General Conference in London, to commence on the 12th of June, 1840, in order to deliberate on the best means of promoting the interests of the slave…….To this Conference, they earnestly invite the friends of the slave of every nation and of every clime.  On behalf of the Committee,  JOHN H. TREDGOLD,  Secretary

                                                  (Liberator, Oct 11, 1839, pg 3)