TH!E WOMEN ! ( comment on Angelina Grimke


No wonder that the Pastoral Association is filled with consternation, and the pro-slavery heads and tails of society know not what to do, when WOMAN stands forth to plead the cause of her degraded, chain-bound sex!  We listened, for the first time, to a lecture by Agelina E. Grimke on the subject of slavery, on Friday evening last, in the Methodist meeting-house in Charlestown; and we are constrained to say, our highest expectations were more than realized.  It occupied more than an hour and a half in its delivery to a spell-bound audience.  In unaffected dignity of carriage, propriety of gesture, and manner, excellence of arrangement, conclusiveness of reasoning, and beauty of elocution, it was all that the most fastidious could wish.  – We never listened to a more perfect and admirable performance.  On Wednesday evening last, she addressed a crowded assembly in the Baptist meeting-house in Charlestown to a very great acceptance.

                                               (Liberator, Sept 1, 1837, pg2)