Slavery in the West Indies, reported by Sturge

Slavery in the West Indies   — The excitement on the subject of Slavery in the English West India Islands which has slept since the adoption of the apprenticeship system, seems now likely to revive, and to rage as extensively and fiercely as ever.   Joseph Sturge of Birmingham, a zealous abolitionist, has lately returned from a voyage of inspection to the West Indies where he has visited seven islands, and travelled among them by sea and land, upwards of a thousand miles.  The record he makes of the condition of the negroes, is calculated to create much indignation among those who have warmly advocated the extinction of slavery.  Mr. Sturge states that negro apprentices continue to suffer the most grievous oppression  — punishments of the most cruel character are frequently inflicted……He calls upon Englishmen to raise their voices in behalf of the oppressed blacks, and says it will require all their energy to bring about a real emancipation.……                                                                                           Mercantile Journal

                                               (Liberator, August 25, 1837, pg 4)