Lovejoy opposed in Alton, Illinois !

The War Not Ended.    We find the following in the Friend of Man.  If the facts referred to have been published elsewhere, they have escaped our notice.   Alton, Illinois, July 12, 1837

We have no news except that yesterday there was a large meeting of our citizens to take measures to prevent the publication and dissemination of the doctrines of abolitionism in our town, which of late has troubled the quiet of Alton, through the remarks of the Rev. E. P. Lovejoy, editor of the Religious Observer, in an effort to circulate petitions through the State for the suppression of slavery in the District of Columbia. Strong resolutions were passed, recommending mild and consistent measures, to prevent any further proceedings or efforts in behalf of the question of abolitionism in this quarter.

                                                (Liberator, August 18, 1837, pg 3)