To the Women of the Republic … Elizabeth Cady Stanton

May 1, 1863

Stanton calls upon the women of the North, believing that they do not know what their sons are fighting for.  “The women of the South know what their sons are fighting for. The women of the North do not. They appreciate the blessings of Slavery; we do not the blessings of Liberty.”  Her speech intends to fill that gap, and concludes with a call for action.  “What are wealth and jewels, home and ease, sires and sons, to the birthright of freedom, secured to us by the heroes f the Revolution – liberty to universal man?  Shall a priceless heritage like this be wrested now from us by Southern tyrants, and Northern women look on unmoved, or basely bid our freedmen sue for peace?  No! No!…..”

In a separate article there is a Call for A Meeting of the Loyal Women of the Nation,  to be held in two sessions, in New York, May 14.

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