Tribute to Benjamin Lundy

January 29, 1864

Here Garrison speaks of his early years, telling how “I became an Abolitionist”, and giving tribute to Benjamin Lundy.  Garrison tells of his early meeting with Lundy, and of his agreement to join Lundy in Baltimore.  “The proposition on his part was, that we should convert the little monthly into a large and handsome weekly paper.  I was to be the principal editor, while he was to be a traveling editor and lecturer, for the purpose of diffusing information and getting subscribers.  But I did not assist him a great deal in that way, because, as soon as I got to Baltimore, I had my eyes opened in regard to the absurdity and delusion of gradual emancipation.”….he tells of the agreement with Lundy, that if he writes about immediate emancipation, he will sign articles with his initials, and Lundy will put his initials to what he writes.  “To this I agreed…But I drove off subscribers four or five times as fast as he could get them! …. had it not been for him, I know not where I should have been at the present time…”

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