Using the name “African” as place of birth or descendancy

September  13, 1844,  Liberator. A discussion, by letter, between a Reuben Simpson, andd Rev. John T. Raymond.  The question is whether or not it is proper for descendants of Africa, not born there, to use the name, “African”.   Raymond says that the name should be extinct, by Simpson disagrees.  “As descendants of that race, how can we better manifest that respect due to our fathers who begat us, than by the adoption of the term in our institutions, and inscribing it upon our public places of resort?”  The editor comments:  “No matter where a man is born, or in what country his progenitors originated; he is none the better, none the worse, for that, but a member of the great human family, and a brother man.  Down with all boastful national distinctions!  Yet let our colored fellow-citizens never be ashamed of being the descendants of Africans!”

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