Wrong Numbering

September 2, 1859

C. C. Burleigh writes to Garrison, calling attention to an error in numbering of the paper.

The paper for Nov. 12th, 1858, is numbered 1456, the next paper 1567, adding 111 in one week!  Thence the wrong numbering continues, and this week’s paper is 1606, instead of 1495 which it should be.”   He explores the numbering more fully, then closes:  “So, next week’s should be 1496, instead of 1607”.

he editor comments: “Thanks to our friend Burleigh for his vigilance in detecting a blunder, which, having been made, was likely to be perpretated to the end of the volume.  The proper correction has been made in our present number: the past is irretrievable.”

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