A Catechism for Slaves

June 16, 1854

From the Southern Episcopalian , Charleston, S.C., here is a sample of the Catechism:
Who keeps snakes and all bad things from hurting you —God does.
Who gave you a master and a mistress? – God gave them to me.
Who says that you must obey them? – God says that I must.
What book tells you these things? – The Bible.
How does God do all His work? – He always does it right.
Does God love to work? – Yes, God is always at work.
What does God say about your work? – He that will not work shall not eat.
What makes the crops so hard to grow now? –  Sin makes it.
What makes you lazy? – My own wicked heart.
What teaches you so many wicked things? – The Devil.

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