A new ten years begin … abolitionists take hope

At the beginning of the second decade of the Liberator, the January 1, 1841 issue, pg 2  begins A New Volume.  We commence this day, the elventh volume of the Liberator.  Ten years, therefore, have transpired, since we unfurled our standard to the breeze…. Would to heaven that there were no  longer any occasion for it ! -that an end had been put to slavery and the slave trade forever!  Yet not in vain have we lifted up the banner of emancipation.  Hundreds of thousands have rallied under it, determined to ‘do or die’ for the abolition of slavery, and a mighty word of preparation for an approaching jubilee has been accomplished.   In less than ten years, we hope to record the final emancipation of every slave now groaning on our soil…..we testify that, not withstanding the unhappy divisions that have taken place among those who ought to act together in concert, and the various drawbacks our cause has had to encounter, the friends of equal rights have great reason to rejoice and take courage.  There is no cause for despondency…..  “

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