A Wrongfully Convicted man is free, but without money

Here is the story of Henry. H. White, sentenced for ten years in January, 1837, on the charge of being an accessory (his brother being the principal, and acquitted), charged with burning the Treasury building on April 1, 1833.  After four and one-half years of confinement, he has been released by the President of the United States, on the ground of his supposed innocence.  The presiding Judge, the District Attorney, the Foreman of the Jury, and all the jurors, and other citizens have signed a petition, asking for his release.  “This conviction should be a warning to judges and jurors, to be extremely cautious in inflicting severe punishment on any man, without indubitable testimony. The incarceration of this man for four years and a  half,  and the liberating him one thousand Illinois), without any pecuniary means, is enough to drive him, from necessity, to the commission of crime.  We are informed that he left here, on foot, for Chicago, Illinois, with only five dollars to pay his way!  Washington Globe”

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