Abolitionist, John Beman, hung

“Abolitionist Hung —  John Beman is the name of the watchman on the steamer Morrison, who was yesterday hung near Mound City.  He was a native of Norway, came to this country in 1811, and lived in Boston, where he has children.  He was first examined by a committee, was proven to be have said that he hoped Lincoln would come down the river and take every thing; that he would die rather than live in the Southern States, and much more of the same sort, that it is needless to repeat.  The committee proposed to forgive him if he would take an oath to support the Southern States.  He indignantly repelled the proposition, and said he would die first.  Finding that he was determined and malignant, they threw a rope over the limb of a tree, and strung him up twenty-five feet, where he was hanging last night.”   ——– Honor to the name of the loyal man!  Boston will care for his children. – Providence Journal.

             (Liberator, Jun2 18, 186l, pg 3)