Abolitionist support for Latimer

The Haverhill Gazette, in speaking of the late anti-slavery meeting in Haverhill, states that ‘Geo. Latimer, the fugitive from Virginia chivalry, was present, and received the plaudits of an immense audience, who responded to the call of sustaining him against the anticipated claim of the State of Virginia. To the question, ‘Shall he be given up?’ the deafening cry of ‘NO’ gave warrant that old Haverhill, at least, would stand out in support of liberty and equal rights.’

(Is the question still sneeringly asked, What have the abolitionists accomplished?  Let such facts as the above answer.  Previous to the launch of the question of immediate abolition, the poor fugitive from bondage was sent back to the land of whips and chains, to receive their galling tortures for his love of freedom, and to kill his aspirations for liberty, with almost as cold indifference as the butcher applies his knife the throat of the struggling and trembling ewe lamb.)

                                              (Liberator, March 31, 1843, pg 3)