Abolitionists (tools of federalism) & John Quincy Adams

March 11, 1842

Under Refuge of Oppression, preceded by a comment:”Another touch of democracy!” From the Boston Morning Post, titled The North and the South:  “We are sorry to see the New Bedford Morning Register, a paper for which we have a high respect, promulgating the same sentiments relative to the South that have filled the federal papers ever since the adoption of the Constitution. In taking this ground, however, we are not astonished to see the Register quoting in its support the language of a federal-whig-pipe-laying governor. Jefferson said that the democracy of the South were the natural allies of the democracy of the North.  The federalists know this, and finding that they cannot conquer the democracy of the North and South united, have always sought to divide them, even at the cost of the Union.  This is now the scheme of the abolitionists, (the tools of federalism)  — of John Quincy Adams, who was reared in the hot-bed of federalism, and acted with them as one of their chief men……”    At the end there is this note: “The Register has since obsequiously kissed the ‘democratic’ toe of the Post!”

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