Amendment abolishing slavery

LAUS DEO ! — HALLELUJAH ! It is with devout thanksgiving to God, and emotions of joy which no language can express, that we announce to our readers the passage through the U.S. House of representatives, on Tuesday last, of the proposed amendment of the Constitution, in concurrence with the Senate, and by the requisite two thirds vote, abolishing and prohibiting slavery in every part of the republic! It is the greatest and most important event in the history of congressional legislation. It is better than all the military and naval victories of the war. Adopted as unquestionably it will be by the requisite number of States, imagination may toil in vain to depict the future career of this country as pertaining to peace, unity, prosperity, and grandeur. Henceforth, in deed, and in truth, America is to be called “the land of the FREE” – “where breathes no castled lord nor cabined slave.”


                           (Liberator, February 3, 1865, pg 2)