Anniversary Meeting of American Anti-Slavery Society satirized

Under Refuge of Oppression from the New York Herald.  Referring to the American Anti-Slavery Society, the comment is: “It was one of the most amusing, lamentable, laughable, ridiculous, disgusting, and jumbled affairs that we have had for some time…..This meeting was called by those who style themselves the old abolition party — the Simon-pures – the Garrison party – the women speaking party – as distinquished from the Tappan or reform party….”   The article goes on to tell of some white women who came, and then left the meeting.  “The reason for their abrupt departure was, that the place resembled a chequer-board; the thick-lipped, pig-faced, swarthy, woolly-headed, baboon-looking negro, was placed side by side with these young white women, nearly in every part of the meeting……”

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