THE  ANNUAL MEETING POSTPONED      In view of the unparalleled excitement now exiting  throughout the country, arising from the treasonable attempt of the Southern slave oligarchy to overturn the General Government, and to erect an exclusively slaveholding despotism upon its ruins, to the overthrow of all free institutions, it is deemed by the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society a measure of sound expediency to postpone the usual anniversary of the Society, in the city of New York, in May next, until further notice — a decision which they are confident will be most cordially ratified by the members and friends of the Society; especially in view of the cheering fact that there is at last a North as well as a South, and that the present tremendous conflict is in its tendencies strongly and irresistibly toward the goal of universal emancipation, or else a separation between the free and slaveholding States, in accordance with the principle of “No Union with Slaveholders!”………   The annual meeting of the Society stands postponed until further notice. WM. LLOYD GARRISON,   President,  Wendell Phillips, Charles C. Burleigh,  Secretaries

(Liberator,  April 26, 1861, pg 2)