Anti-Slavery Society south of Mason & Dixon Line, 1842

“A letter received from our correspondent in Tennessee is of thrilling interest.  An Anti-Slavery meeting at Ramsboro, Tennessee, at brought a large number of citizens for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of abolishing slavery in East Tennessee.  Established the Gerard Valley Anti-Slavery Society.  Richard Chester elected President, Jefferson Kinney, Secretary.  Resolutions passed included these words: ‘That we believe slaveholding to be a sin, and ought to be abolished.’     Anti-Slavery has obtained a foothold on the other, the slaveholding side of the line!  For a long time we have known that the spirit of freedom was there — struggling aamind the monuments of oppression, to gain for itself a form and name.  Here we have it—-”  (Liberator, August 26, 1842, pg 1)

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