The April 6, 1838 Liberator, pg 4 includes the following:  “To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled, most humbly and respectfully sheweth:  That whereas, we, the undersigned citizens of the Cherokee nation, have always regarded that instrument purporting to be a  Treaty, made in December, 1835, at New Echota, by the Rev. John F. Schermerhorn and certain unauthorized individual Cherokees, to be a violation of the fundamental principles of justice and an outrage on the primary  rules of national intercourse, as well as the known laws and usages of the Cherekee nation, and, therefore, to be destituted of any binding on us… signed by Fifteen Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty-Five of the Cherokee people, February 22, 1838

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