Assassination of Lincoln

The joy which filled all hearts at the time of the publication of the Liberator last week, in view of the recent great and repeated successes of the National Cause over the Rebellion, and especially of the surrender of General Lee and his army, was turned into grief, all our readers know but too well and how completely and how profoundly, ere the week reached its close, by the most unlooked-for tidings of the DEATH, and that by the hand of a murderer, of the President of the United States, ABRAHAM LINCOLN … no President in our day had so thoroughly or in so large and wise a sense, identified himself with the people, sought to strengthen and build up the powers of the people, sought to give expression in his official acts to their deliberate purpose and known will, and to develop fully their best interests, as ABRAHAM LINCOLN … yes, identified with all their best emotions, holiest purposes, and choicest sacrifices for their county, and for that blessed Cause of Freedom for the slaves and world …  (Liberator, April 21, 1865, pg 2)

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