Beginning 32nd Volume

We commence the Thirty-Second Volume of the Liberator, offering the heartfelt congratulations of the season to all our readers, and trusting that the present may prove THE YEAR OF JUBILEE to the millions in bondage at the South who are confidently expecting that the day of their redemption is drawing nigh. Taking a retrospective view of the eventful past, and rejoicing in the wonderful change wrought in public sentiment, we are mightily strengthened to go forward for the perfect accomplishment of the great and glorious work to which we consecrated so unreservedly all that was dear to us at the commencement of our labors. We should be glad to see our subscription list greatly extended; and we feel that, if absolute independence, unimpeachable fairness, and thorough freedom of discussion in its management, deserve encouragement and approval, then, the Liberator should be liberally patronized in every part of the country.

(Liberator, January 3, 1862 , pg 2)