Beginning the TWENTY-FIFTH VOLUME — words of Whittier

OUR TWENTY-FIFTH VOLUME       “We have completed the Twenty-Fourth Volume of The Liberator, — covering a period of more than one third of the ‘three score years and ten’ allotted to the life of man, in the scriptural record. We began our editorial warfare against slavery in 1828, first in Bennington, (Vt.) — next in Baltimore — and finally in Boston.   It has been long and terrible, but not in vain; for though there are a million slaves more than when we began our labors, and though the domains of slavery have been greatly extended, and though the Slave Power is still fearfully dominant,  yet the whole land has been aroused from its deathly slumber, the friends ( a line not illegible)………the cause of impartial freedom has had a mighty growth, a death -wound has been given to the slave system, and in the cheering words of Whittier — (here only selected verses):

Yet o’er the blackness of the storm,
A bow of promise bends on high,
And gleams of sunshine, soft and warm,
Break through our clouded sky.
And all who now are bound beneath
Our banner’s shade, our eagle’s wing,
From Slavery’s night of moral death,
To light and life shall spring;
We enter upon our new volume with undiminished zeal, courage and hope — warmly proffeering to all our friends and patrons the loving salutations and wishes of the New Year, thanking them for their generous coopertion, grateful for all the private assistance which has been rendered us, and relying on God to the end. ”

(Liberator, January 5, 1855, pg 2)