Boston Journal anti-abolitionists !!!!

                                                THE ‘BOSTON JOURNAL’ IN FAVOR OF SLAVE-HUNTING !

“There are many contemptible, cowardly, trimming journals in the land; but, among them all, was known of none surpassing – scarcely one equalling – the Boston Journal, in these characteristics. …. No matter who has had the editorial management of it at any time, it has always endeavored to cater to the popular taste, however depraved, and to damage the anti-slavery cause as much as possible, without jeopardizing its own circulation…. (Excerpts from the article as it quotes from the Journal):

                                            “’We have already evidence, from almost every part of New England, sufficient to prove  that a meeting of the                                                                Abolitionists is but the signal for the assemblage of a mob….this being the case, it becomes the duty of those, in whose                                              hands the public authorities of a city or town are vested,   TO PREVENT SUCH MEETINGS BY THE STRONG ARM OF THE                                    LAW …..’”

(Liberator, March 18, 1859, pg 2)