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Under Juvenile Dept., notice of a recent Juvenile Concert, at Bowdoin Street Church, with high commendation of conductor, the daughter of Rev. Thomas Paul

1834 Juvenile Department Paul, Susan

There is a notice of the first anniversary meeting of the Garrison Juvenile Society, to be on May 12, at the Belknap-street church.

1834 Juvenile Department

In the Juvenile Dept, a Talk to the Children –No 11 ARE LITTLE CHILDREN SOLD? Here is half a column of instances of children being sold into slavery

1837 Juvenile Department Slavery

Under a heading,   Children of Boston, March 25, 1837, note addressed to Garrison, and signed by H.C. Wright, Children’s Agent, tells of a meeting of the Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society, at…

1837 Anti-Slavery Organizations Juvenile Department Wright, Henry

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