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“It is not three years since I lifted up the banner of emancipation in this city, for the rescue of perishing millions,  whose hire is kept back by fraud, whose…

1834 Liberator

1834 Colonization, Anti-colonization

FACTS An abolitionist sent Mrs. Child’s ‘Appeal’  to a colonizationist family of this city for their perusal. A few days after, the head of that family (a leading manager of…

1834 Child, Lydia Maria

Under Juvenile Dept., notice of a recent Juvenile Concert, at Bowdoin Street Church, with high commendation of conductor, the daughter of Rev. Thomas Paul

1834 Juvenile Department Paul, Susan

1834 Lane Seminary Weld, Theodore

“A few months after the organization of the society in 1817, the colored citizens of Philadelphia, with James Forten in the chair, protested against its principles, predicted its unhappy influence;…

1834 Colonization, Anti-colonization Forten, James

There is a notice of the first anniversary meeting of the Garrison Juvenile Society, to be on May 12, at the Belknap-street church.

1834 Juvenile Department

1834 Colonization, Anti-colonization Cresson, Elliot Wilberforce

Garrison denies that abolitionists will agree for any remuneration to be given to slave owners who free their slaves  .    “…..this I know that all genuine abolitionists will scout any…

1834 Remuneration for slave holders Slavery

From Charleston Mercury editor In the context of articles on the New York riots, here are excerpts from the Charleston editor:  “Our northern brethren may hence learn that it is…

1834 Pro-Slavery

Notice of opening of New England Anti-Slavery Society, at 46 Washington St., Boston

1834 Anti-Slavery Organizations Anti-Slavery Society - New England

Notice of Garrison marriage, in Brooklyn, Conn, Sept 4th, by Rev. Samuel J. May People of Color History This contains a notice of a “Prospectus” of a new and valuable…

1834 People of Color

Notice of and constitution of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society

1834 Anti-Slavery Organizations Females

Notice about Noyes Academy decision to admit youth of color on equal terms with white youth, Canaan, NH, Sept 11  Trustees include David Child, and Samuel Sewall

1834 Noyes Academy

Notice that office of Liberator is removed  from Merchants Hall , to No. 31, 3d story  Cornhill, over bookstore of Benjamin Muzzey

1834 Liberator

Notice of the death of a “Meritorious Female Abolitionist”, Elizabeth M. Chandler.   Highly praised and recognized as one who had contributed often to the Genius of Emancipation and to…

1834 Females