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There is a note that “clerical and sectarian” haters of the paper are circulating rumors of its pending failure, including statements that it lost 200 subscribers on January 1st.  The response…

1839 Liberator Liberator finances

Here is a notice to subscribers, indicating that the paper will continue to publish the names of subscribers who are delinquent  fifteen months or more.

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It becomes apparent the paper needs money.  It is clear that the Editor would prefer not to have to accept advertisements, but will do so.  Urges especially advertisement of books,…

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December 2, 1853 Mary M. Gould, Secretary of the Ladies Anti-Slavery Sewing Circle, of Cincinnati, sends one hundred dollars as a contribution to the Liberator.

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December 19 and 26, 1862 “The war has not only crippled the circulation of the newspaper press generally, but is has produced such a scarcity in the materials of making…

1862 Liberator finances

January 2, 1863 Several letters from subscribers are printed here, giving encouragement to the editor, after his concerns about the price increase, expressed in the last editions of 1862.

1863 Liberator finances

December 30, 1864 Here is notice that the subscription price of the paper will be increased, from $3 to $3.50 per year.

1864 Liberator finances