Colored Persons in Railroad Cars,. Philadelphia

Colored Persons in Railroad Cars    In Philadelphia, recently, the question of the right of a colored person to ride in passenger cars received another decision from Judge Hare in the District Court.  A colored man, named Goines, brought an action against Mr. McCandless, a conductor on the horse cars, to recover damages for injuries sustained in being ejected from a car.   A verdict was taken by agreement, subject to the decision of the court on the law of points, and the Judge held that the company had a right to make a rule in reference to passengers to be carried, and as Mr. McCandless acted under instructions and rules, the judgment was entered for the defendant..

How odious must be that colorphobia which reverses the order of nature, and changes a Hare into a bloodhound, and city of “Brotherly Love” into one of fiendish hate!

(Liberator Mar 1, 1861, pg 3)