Daniel Webster in Charleston

May 21, 1847

Placed under Refuge of Oppression, is an article from the Charleston Courier, dated May 8, about a visit and reception of Daniel Webster, at the Charleston Hotel.  Franklin Elmore, Chairing the event, greets Webster with many words of praise. Here are excerpts from Webster’s response:  “…differences of opinion on many subjects exist between your fellow-citizens and myself, and between South Carolina and Massachusetts.  But how poor must be that spirit, a spirit which I am sure prevails neither here nor in Massachusetts, which, out of these differences, would extract cause for social alienation, or personal disrespect!  …. We have divers political sentiments, but we have but one country, ….I am happy, gentlemen, if you think that, while discharging the duties of Secretary of State, I paid just regard to the protection of Southern interests.  In my judgment, those interests, important in themselves, were connected with grave questions of public law, questions touching the immunity of flags, and the independence and equality of nations upon the ocean.   …”

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