Delivering Up a Fugitive to a Rebel Officer

The Washington Republican is justly indignant at an act of Gen. Rosseau, commanding the Federal forces in Indiana. A slave named Goree, body servant of Col. Robert Johnson, of the rebel Camp Boone, had escaped, and reached the Ohio river. In swimming that river he became exhausted, and was rescued from drowning by some of the Federal soldiers. Thereupon Gen. Rosseau ordered him to be carried back, by a file of men, to the Kentucky side of the river. This stated to have been done for the express purpose of his re-delivery to his former master, and if not done for that purpose, will doubtless result in that as a matter of fact. ….. It is understood that several army officers have been engaged in returning fugitives to their masters.

(Liberator, Sept 20, 1861, pg 3)