Don’t vote for a Democrat !


The annual election in Massachusetts will be held on Monday next.  Happy are all they who have divorced themselves from all politics and kingdoms of this world, and who know that they belong to a kingdom which can never be shaken!

As for the Democratic party, it stands before the country and the world, without a blush, ay, glorying in its iniquity  — as having for its one great object the extension and perpetuity of THE CURSE OF SLAVERY.  To vote for any of its candidates is, before God, one of the greatest crimes of which any accountable being can be guilty.  Its leaders are among the basest of men, whose circumstances are seared as with a hot iron.  Refuse to cast a vote for that party, as you would to commit highway robbery or murder.

(With the Garrison “finger” calling attention:)  The Bristol Democrat stigmatizes Cassius M. Clay as an ‘abolition monster’.  Is not such democracy deserving of all the votes that may be cast on Monday next?

The Louisville Democrat quotes the following sentence from the Louisville Journal, in glowing capitals, in order to cast odium upon that paper:   (the Garrison ‘finger” )    ‘ALL MEN HAVE A RIGHT T O LIBERTY , NO MATTER WHAT COLOR.’  Think of that noble sentiment being held up to public scorn by a professedly democratic print!

                                                            (Liberator, Nov 7, 1845, pg 2)