Emigration of Colored People to Jamaica

Emigration of Colored People to Jamaica.

We have before us a copy of an Act to encourage emigration, passed by the Legislature of Jamaica, April 11, 1840.   It provides for the appointment of a Commissioner to proceed to the United States, whose duty it shall be to publish the proposition of the government, avoiding all misrepresentations, and explaining the real advantages which the emigrant may derive by accepting it……….All the expenses of the passage, the agents’ salaries and fees, and the support of emigrants for a limited period after their arrival, are paid for by the Government, except in certain cases ….. For all these purposes, the Legislature appropriates fifty thousand pounds sterling a year, ……making a total sum of nearly one million of dollars.   —N.Y. Journal of Com.

                                                    (Liberator, Sept 11, 1840, pg 2)