Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Fair, by Maria Chapman

Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Fair

It has been decided, upon consultation and advice with the friends of the cause in various parts of the State, to hold the Fair of 1840, during Christmas week, and to spare no exertions to make it a pleasant and profitable occasion to the ‘good old cause’, which each year’s effort makes dearer and dearer. Our Seventh Anti-Slavery Fair ought to command exertions proportionate to the need for funds.  Donations and contributions may be left at 25 Cornhill; 11 West street; or 4, High Street. ……Beautiful and rare articles of the usefully ornamental style, (many styles never before imported,) are already received from members of the committee in England, France and Switzerland.  Think of the cause, and for its sake reserve you gift-money till Christmas.  In  behalf of the Committee.

MARIA W. CHAPMAN.  Boston, Oct. 23, 1840

                                   (Liberator, Oct. 23, 1840, pg 3)