First Catholic Congregation of Boston

FIRST CATHOLIC CONGREGATION OF BOSTON    1. This church is designed to be a school of Biblical and Moral Science, and to adopt systematic and thorough courses of instruction in the same, extending through periods of not less than four years.   2. It will be an institution of universal freedom, and prescribe no rules of faith to bewilder, and impose no tests but righteous deeds in the pursuit of the greatest good.   ————- Rev. Leicester A. Sawyer, having secured the pleasant and commodious hall, No. 4 Mercantile Building, 16 Summer street, will commence the stated public services of this church, next Sabbath, Feb. 22d, the first Sunday in Lent, and Washington’s birthday.  The sermon will consider the Christian church and its objects.

               (Liberator, Feb 20, 1863, pg 3)