Garrrison Mission to England

“At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society, held in Boston, on Thursday, June 11, 1846, the following preamble and resolution, respecting the contemplated mission of Mr. Garrison to England, were unanimously adopted:  ‘Whereas, a communication has been received  from the Glasgow Emancipation Society, on behalf of abolitionists of Scotland, earnestly inviting our honored friend, William Lloyd Garrison, to visit that country on an anti-slavery mission; and whereas, the greater body of American abolitionists, assembled in the New England Convention in Faneuil Hall have concurred in opinion  with our beloved Scotch and English friends, that such a mission would be at this crisis, a most effectual instrumentality in the prosecution of the cause; therefore…..” the resolution urges Garrison to accept the invitation ….signed by Francis Jackson, Wendell Phillips, Edmund Quincy, Maria W. Chapman, James Russell Lowell, Anne Warren Weston, Eliza Lee Follen, Charles Lenox Remond, Sydney Howard Gay, Executive Committee.  (Liberator, June 19, 1846, pg 2)

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