Help the Indian; Free the Negro

To Help the Indian is the Quickest Way to Free the Negro.   Mr. Editor:  As several of our good Anti-Slavery friends have misapprehended the movement in behalf of the Indians, as though it were a rival institution, and got upon the supposition that the school-boy question, whether the Negro or the Indian is the most wronged, was decided, and that this movement is the result; permit me to assure our friends, that the movers in this cause regard the oppression of both races as united in the ‘sum of all villanies,’ and, therefore, to be in earnest to redress the wrongs of one race, and at the same time to be indifferent to the sufferings of the other, is partial, unwise, and must be unsuccessful. …………………………………   Respectfully,   John Beeson

(Liberator, July 22, 1859, pg 4)