Illinois tory print frightens white labor

CONTRABAND LABOR IN ILLINOS – The tory prints have struck a new lead – opened a mine from which they expect to extract much partisan fuel. A few hundred contrabands escaping from rebel masters have reached Cairo, and from thence disappeared into the interior, some going to Indiana, others to Wisconsin, and the residue scatter about among the farmers of Illinois. On this small matter a loud, long and wolfish howl is raised by the tory press of the State. Illinois is going to be converted into a slave Sate, and white laborers deprived of work, chimes in the little tory organ that sails in the other’s wake. Tray, Blanche,and Sweetheart in the rural districts echo this humbug cry ……..all from Chicago Tribune, Oct 9

                                    (Liberator, October 24, 1862, pg 1)