Interracial Marriage

Under Refuge of Oppression, there is  “from the Hampshire Republican” , no state designated,  an article with reference to seven hundred and thirty-five females in Lynn, have petitioned the Legislature for the privilege to marry black husbands.  “We have ever been an advocate for rational liberty in the broadest sense. We feel a sympathy for every portion of the human race held in bondage. We believe that ‘all men are created free and equal ‘in a proper sense; but we do NOT believe that they are created FREE to do wrong —to trample upon the rights and purloin the property of others, and to indulge in such excesses, and to gratify such brutal passions as would lead to the subversion of order and destruction of society.  We do not believe it was the design of the Creator, that marriages should take place between negroes and whites, and certain, we are, that such alliances will never be tolerated in New England.  If the abolitionists, as a party, sanction the course of the FAIR petitioners in Lynn, we eschew them as too filthy and loathsome for a free New Englander to act with……….Slavery is an evil of great magnitude… practical amalgamation — a mixture of white and black blood in New England, the remedy for this evil?………..”

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