Letter on Haytien Emigration

May 17, 1861

The letter is from Garrison, addressed to a meeting to be held at the Joy Street Church, by colored citizens, some of whom have asked for his advice in regard to overtures from the President of Hayti, for them to become citizens of Hayti.  Garrison’s comments include a reminder that he has always been opposed to the American Colonization Society, and his remarks come in that context. He does not question the motives of the Haytien government, and indicates that thus far emigrants seem to be satisfied with their status.  Still, he believes that “a general exodus would have a very injurious effect upon the cause of the enslaved.”  He encourages his friends to think of this as their native land, and says that “all the signs of the times indicate that a death-blow has been given to the accursed slave system; and when that shall be abolished, the way will be opened for a glorious redemption.”

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