Liberator headlines (for serious historians)

During the turbulent years regarding Kansas-Nebraska,  according to Garrison biographer, Henry Mayer, “The public became so caught up in the excitement that Garrison had to walk a careful line between sympathy for the ‘undeniably trying’ situation of the settlers and criticism of the discomfitingly narrow issue presented. His own headlines, ranging from the sarcastic to the cataclysmic,  both told the darkening tale and revealed his rising level of engagement: “POPULAR  SOVEREIGNTY ILLUSTRATED”  (December 1854);  “INVASION OF KANSAS”, (May, 1855);  “A DUMB PRESIDENT”‘ (August 1855); “THE GATHERING STORM”  (August, 1855);  “MISSOURI DICTATION” (August, 1855);’ “THE KANSAS INQUISITION” (September, 1855);  “BLOODSHED AND BURNINGS IN KANSAS”, (December, 1855); “MURDEROUS OUTRAGES”, (December, 1855); “THE KANSAS REBELLION”, (February, 1856);  “SLAVE CODE PASSED BY BORDER RUFFIANS”., (March, 1856); “A CIVIL WAR IN KANSAS”, (June, 1856).”   — From All on Fire, by Mayer

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