Liberty Party

January 6, 1843

In the first issue of the year there is an article of three columns, signed only by the initials E. Q., (probably Edmund Quincy) strongly deprecating the Liberty Party.  The article assumes the person of the Devil, and recounts that he has “seen through” the State, has “managed both political parties since they were born”, had been “admitted a member” of the Church, preached from its most eminent pulpits, and was familiar with all its organizations.  The article indicates that the Devil has been confounded as to why abolitionists were so critical, but now has found another place for his work, namely, in the Liberty Party.   The article concludes with an admonition to all who vote that they  “SHOULD VOTE FOR ANYONE , EXCEPT A PROSLAVERY WHIG OR DEMOCRAT, SOONER THAN A CANDIDATE OF THE LIBERTY PARTY FOR ANY OFFICE.”

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