A Lincoln Man Tarred and Feathered

A LINCOLN MAN TARRED AND FEATHERED ON A MISSISSIPPPI STEAMBOAT   —  The  Wilkesbarre (Pa.) has the following account of the tarring and feathering of an Ohio man on a steamboat at Natchez. The Record says:  ‘Mr. David Levi has just returned from Arizona.  Coming up the Mississippi, as the boat stopped at Natchez, a vote was taken for Presidential preferences among the passengers.  One very respectable looking merchant, from Ohio, voted for Lincoln, with the remark that it was useless for him to attempt to disguise his sentiment.  The other passengers immediately stripped him, covered him with tar and feathers, and set him afloat in a canoe.’     O, the glorious Union’!  Where is it?

          (Liberator, Nov 2, 1860, pg 3)