Louisville paper supports emancipation

Italicized. The course of the Louisville Journal, as committed heretofore to the “border States” policy, and opposed to “abolition”, is well known. But that paper has accepted the logic of events, and true to its first purpose not to allow a dismemberment of the republic, come what may to the peculiar institution, now wheels into the line of advocates of the Constitutional Amendment and Emancipation. With reference to a canvass now going on in Kentucky, the Journal emphatically says:—

         “Now that the Southern Congress has voted to put two hundred thousand slaves in their army, and Mr. Hunter, the ablest rebel Senator, when voting for the measure under instructions from the Virginia Legislature, has declared that slavery and the Confederacy were ruined, let no man here be afraid to declare ad to vote that the time has come to end forever the slavery agitation in this Government, and to accept, at the earliest possible moment, that new system of labor and industry to which we all know and admit we must come at last.” 

                                                                                          (Liberator, March 31, 1965, pg3)