Loyal Governors Address to Lincoln

Adopted at a meeting of the Governors of the Loyal States, held to take measures for the more active support of the Government, at Altoona, Pennsylvania, on the 24th of September, 1862.   “No matter what consequences are involved in our fidelity, nevertheless, this work of restoring the Republic, preserving the institutions of democratic liberty, and justifying the hopes and toils of our fathers, shall not fail to be performed; and we pledge, without hesitation, to the President of the United States, the most loyal and cordial support hereafter as heretofore, in the exercise of the functions of his great office .”… Signed by the Governors of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maine, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Rhode Island, Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont.   (Liberator, October 10, 1862, pg 1)

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