Maine Anti-Slavery Society


It affords us the highest gratification to announce the formation of an Anti-Slavery Society in Portland, comprising among its members some of the most distinguished men in the state of Maine. From the following list of its officers, it will  be seen that the Hon. Prentiss Mellen, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is President. The others are gentlemen distinguished for their talents and philanthropy.

President  — Hon. Prentiss Mellen

Vice Presidents – Samuel Fessenden, Rev. Gershom F. Cox

Corresponding Secretary – P.H. Greenleaf, Esq.

Recording Secretary – Daniel C. Colesworthy

Treasurer – John Winslow

Counsellors – Bezaleel Cusham,  JonathanDow, James B.Cahoon, Henry H. Boody, Seba Smith, Nathan Winslow,OliverB. Dorrance

                                           (Liberator, May 18, 1833, pg 3)