Meetings to support North Star

Meetings Among the Colored People  —   Frederick Douglass, Charles L. Remond,  and M.R. Delany are now in town (Philadelphia)  holding meetings among the colored people, with the especial object of extending the circulation of the North Star.  The meetings already held have been full of life, and we hope much from their continuance.  There has been for some time  growing  revival of anti-slavery feeling among our colored brethren, and this large re-inforcement of eloquent speakers will doubtless give it a fresh impulse. We wish our friends, Douglass and Delany, most cheering success in their efforts for the North Star.  …We hope every colored church will be freely opened to them, and that minister and people will unite to aid their work.  —Pennsylvania Freeman.

                                                                   (Liberator, October 6, 1848, pg 2)