Old Cradle of Liberty Right Side Up !!!

MEETING IN FANEUIL HALL   The Old Cradle of Liberty Right Side Up !  The granting of Faneuil Hall to the anti-slavery citizens of Boston, after so many refusals on the part of the City Authorities, is to be regarded as one of the most cheering signs of the times, and will carry dismay to the remotest corners of the South.  We knew that this event would come to pass in all due time.  (reference here to 1835 mob action).  In a letter to Harrison Gray Otis at that time we said “The Spirit of Seventy-Six shall yet rise from its ashes, and blot out that calumny! The cause of the bleeding slaves shall yet be pleaded in Faneiul Hall, in tones as thrilling, in language as stirring in eloquence as irresistible, as were ever heard within its walls”.  (The article then tells of 3000 people in Faneuil Hall, with no fire in the building, and the mercury at several degrees above zero.)  (Liberator, February 1, 1839, pg 3)

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