Petition to Congress — enact total abolition

The Petition to Congress is received with great favor by our friends in every section of the country from which we have heard. …..

(The petition, in the form of a Memorial of the People to Congress, appears on the same page; it includes these words: “your honorable body is urgently implored to lose no time in enacting, under the war power, the total abolition of slavery throughout the country, liberating unconditionally the slaves of all who are rebels …” ……..

Now is the time for the work, and not a day is to be lost, as Congress will assemble in a little more than five weeks. There can be no doubt that in a great proportion of the towns of the North, large majorities of the people would sign the petition, if an opportunity were afforded. ….. Address Anti-Slavery Office, 221 Washington Street, Boston.

(Liberator, October 25, 1861, pg 2)