Reward for a runaway slave

From the North Carolina Standard, July 18, 1838

‘TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD.  Ran away from the subscriber, a  negro woman and two children; the woman is tall and black, and a few days before she went off, I burnt her with a hot iron on the left side of her face; I tried to make the letter M, and she kept a cloth over her head and face, and a fly  bonnet on her head so as to cover the burn;  her children are both boys, the oldest is in his seventh years;  he is a mulatto and has blue eyes; the youngest is black and is in his fifth year.  The woman’s name is Betty, commonly called Bet             Micajah Ricks    Nash County, July 7, 1838 ‘

                                                         (Liberator, May 17, 1839, pg 1)